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"Welcome to Our American Graffiti Page!"

Barry Buchanan of The Hot Rod Shop with Actor PAUL LEMAT
Paul LeMat
Paul played John Milner, the Hot Rodder who drove
the Famous Yellow Deuce Coupe in American Graffiti.

Barry with CANDY CLARK !.. Candy played Debbie Dunham !..
Toad called her a "Bitchin Babe" when he saw her on the street.
Candy Candy
Candy Candy Candy

CHARLES MARTIN SMITH played Terry "The Toad" !

Milner gets ready to meet up with the Wicked '55 Chevy !

Here's an Original Shot of the Coupe on Paradise Road.
This was between takes with actors rehearsing in the field.

Here's a Numbered Lithograph by famous Artist Ian Jones.
This Limited Collectible is autographed by Paul LeMat "John Milner."
Graffiti Lithograph

Director GEORGE LUCAS hanging off the Coupe during a Shot.

VANITY FAIR magazine got the Cast and Director together for a photograph !
Vanity Fair
Taken by Anne Liebovitz, January 9th 2000, at the Culver City Studios...
From Left to Right: Paul LeMat (John Milner), George Lucas (Director),
Mackenzie Phillips (Carol), Bo Hopkins (Pharaohs),Kathy Quinlan (Peg),
Charlie Martin Smith (Toad), Candy Clark (Debbie), Richard Dreyfus (Curt),
Suzanne Somers (T-Bird), Ron Howard (Steve), Cindy Williams (Laurie),
and Harrison Ford (Falfa '55 Chevy).


The American Graffiti '32 5-Window Deuce Coupe
is the Most Recognized Car in the World !

Milner leaving the gas station,
headers uncorked, to Race the Wicked '55.

The `55 taunts the Coupe

HARRISON FORD played Falfa, driver of the "Wicked" Black '55 Chevy !
... So there was a Ford driving the Chevy.

The Challenge !

Video of the Famous Drag Race between the 32 Coupe and 55 Chevy !
Turn up the Soundtrack of "Green Onions" and hear the Headers Roar !

Here's the highly detailed Ertl 1/18th Scale Model.

Mels Diner

Cruis'n Main

Mackenzie Phillips played Carol !

Cindy Williams and Ron Howard played Laurie and Steve !

BO HOPKINS talks RICHARD DREYFUSS ( Curt ) into a great Prank !


SUZANNE SOMERS played the mysterious girl in the White T-Bird.

Paul LeMat

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